In the beginning, was the voice, before there were instruments even the oldest ones – percussion! The voice has always been there, and when voices resound in a musical space, in a pure improvised creative act then extraordinary things happen! Such was the case when four outstanding vocalists Anna Gadt, Natalia Kordiak, Marta Grzywacz and Gosia Zagajewska met in the Warsaw space “Prześwit” to improvise a new unique sound world. Did they succeed? We think it succeeded more than great!



Release: 15/05/2024

Music by Marta Grzywacz, Natalia Kordiak, Gosia Zagajewska & Anna Gadt
Recorded at Prześwit in Warsaw, Poland by Michał Kupicz, 31.08 2022

Mixed and mastered by Michał Kupicz
Front cover and graphic design by Anna Kulikowska
Photos by Urszula Las
Produced by Anna Gadt
Executive producer: Maciej Karłowski

Album was recorded with a financial support of Stoart.