Anna Gadt

Anna Gadt, chanteuse, improviser, composer. A representative of the European jazz stage who combines free improvisation, classical music and contemporary jazz. She has recorded 5 original albums. In 2018 she has been nominated for the prestigious Polish Fryderyk Award for the best artist.The Grand Prix at Jazz Struggle, the international competition for singing musicians and the acclaim of Billy Harper, the head of jury, determined a breakthrough in her artistic work. She toured in France, Germany, Switzerland, Latvia, Slovakia, Poland. She participated in Polish Stage at Jazz European Conference. Apart from singing comprehended in traditional way, she seeks for the unusual sounds and techniques of performance. Her concept refers to the improvised music, in which there is no division into the accompanying band and the leader. Such a unity highlights the wealth of differences between the musicians and the value of mutual complementarity. The search for the common idea, the daring and spontaneous creation happening “here and now,” become the aim.