Annemie Osborne

Cellist, Annemie Osborne starts studying the cello at the ‚Conservatoire de Luxembourg’ with Claude Giampellegrini at age 8, continues at the University of Leeds (U.K.) with Anna Shuttleworth and is currently studying for her Master degree in the class of Jeroen Reuling at the ‚Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel’. She has had the opportunity to deepen and nourrish her understanding and practice of the cello during various masterclasses with, amongst others, Claus Kanngiesser, Johannes Goritzki, François Guye and Lluis Claret.

It is from the age of 16 that she discovers and develops an interest in Jazz, improvised music, and World Music. Since then she has continually been exploring the art of improvisation in many various musical settings and encounters. Initiated to Jazz by Gast Waltzing, Marc Demuth and André Klenes, she has more recently been following classes of free improvisation with Kris Defoort at Brussels Conservatory.

An essential inspiration to her music has also come from work and ideas in the area of music therapy, especially through her encounter with the work of Luxembourgish music therapist Martine Wallenborn and the Taka Tuka Ensemble, and during participation at a music therapy course at the ‚Bodenseeinstitut’ in Bregenz (AU) in 2008/2009.

In May 2009 she participates at a concert with Kris Defoort, Nic Thys, Pierre Bernard and Geoffroy de Massure at the concert hall ‚Henry Le Boeuf ‚ at Bozar in Brussels – in the context of ‚film and music’, to accompany the silent movie ‚L’Hirondelle et la mésange’, Belgian film from the 1920s.

Her current musical projects are «OakTree» and « Octet Red », as well as the trio of Mathilde Renault (folk-pop) with percussionist Khalid Kouhen and the Jazz Quartet of Corean singer Jihye Lee with pianist Nicola Andrioli and percussionist Balir Ben Amor. She has recorded for the following four albums – ‚Taka Tuka’ in Summer 2008, ‚Cameleon Boat’ by Mathilde Renault in summer 2010, ‚Goblin Bee’ by Jihye Lee in autumn 2011 and ‚à dos d’âmes’ by OakTree in Summer 2012.

In addition, she occasionally plays as a replacement in Luxembourg Chamber Orchestra (OCL).