MingBauSet is a collective of three improvisers who began meeting regularly in 2018 to deeply explore improvisation and song form. Over the next three years this process yielded a shared language and vision of music realization that led to their first publication, Yakut’s Gallop. They utilized both acoustic and electronic resources to carve a personal sound as well as a sense of place with their inventions. The trio, as it has matured, is notable for its cross generational constitution. Gerry Hemingway has a long and well-documented history as a composer and improviser, where Vera Baumann and Florestan Berset are new voices in the arena of creative music. Both have individually benefitted from the thriving culture for improvised music in Luzern as well as all of Switzerland. The release of MingBauSet’s “Yakut’s Gallop” now offers their voices, in the setting of this trio, to the wider international community.