Vera Bauman

Vera Baumann is a contemporary vocalist and improviser, living in Luzern, Switzerland. She completed her master’s degree at HSLU Musik in Vocal Performance, Jazz with Andreas Schaerer, Lauren Newton, Susanne Abbuehl and Sarah Buechi. She is part of MingBauSet with Gerry Hemingway (dr) and Florestan Berset (gt), who released their debut album in 2021 on Fundacja Słuchaj Records. She also performs in the Quintet Hyla Crucifer who released their album “Unidentifiable Birds” earlier in 2021. In 2020, she recorded the EP “Loving Queen Unicorn” with the trio Hobo Ho which includes pianist and electronic musician Hanspeter Pfammatter. Her latest projects also involve interdisciplinary collaborations including a sound installation with ventilation pipes and electronics (with visual artist Benjamin Heller), a theater piece for puppets, dancers and a singer (with Teresa Rotemberg and Chine Curchod, on-going process 2021 – 2023), an improvisational piece for two dancers, a percussionist, a singer and amplified objects (since 2019), a collaboration in acoustically exceptional spaces with Technorama (Swiss Science Center, since 2020) and an artistic research on minerals, rocks and field recordings with material designer Cornelia Gassler (since 2021). In all her works, Vera explores links she discovers between herself and sounds, materials, and personalities she encounters. Her work is financially supported by various foundations and institutions, including the “Selektive Förderung Kanton Luzern”.