On 2004 three marvelous improvisers and masters in their domains played together as a band in the Koln-based club Loft. For many years this recording was almost lost in musician’s archives. Now is available first time on CD in his hull length!



Release: 26/08/2022

All compositions by Georg Graewe (Random Acoustics/GEMA), Frank Gratkowski (GEMA) and Fred Lonberg-Holm (BMI)

Recorded at LOFT in Köln Loft on November 3, 2004 by Stefan Deistler.
Mixed by Gordon Comstock.
Photos: Kurt Rade (Georg Graewe), Ross Laciura (Frank Gratkowski), Peter Gannushkin (Fred Lonberg-Holm)
Graphic Design: Anna Płotko
Executive Producer: Maciej Karłowski
All Rights Reserved: Fundacja Słuchaj 2022

Thanks: Dr Borg, Hans Martin Müller and Agnes