The Liquid Trio Plays Bernoulli

—We don’t ask ourselves.
—Nope. (the 3 altogether)
—We answer.
—Yeah. (the 3 altogether)
—What to?
—We don’t know. (the 3 altogether)
—We don’t have the answers.
—Nope. (the 3 altogether)
—We give ourselves.
—Yeah. (the 3 altogether)
—We forget ourselves.
—Yeah. (the 3 altogether)
—We recall everything.
—We are in it.
—And we rummage.
—We don’t know.
—That’s why we rummage.
—We sing.
—We turn sound into substance.
—Flesh and rhythm.
—We get together.
—Spill the beans.
—Make it known.
—Go on.
—We let it go on.
—Like this.
—And like this, too.
—The fingers are the nose.
—The nose’s the ear.
—Yours, mine and his.
—We set thought aside.
—And whatever comes our way.
—Yeah. (the 3 altogether)
—Whatever happens to be.
—A tragic gush, an overcast, a kermesse, a cake, the almond tree in full bloom, the mare’s passing, the crust, a plight, the end, thrills, a rice dish, a jolt, a resolution, the void, the outset, restlessness, ashes, the crash, no excuses, lament, urgency, a braid, the scream, vocabulary, an escape, sobrassada, persistence, the flight, haughtiness, honey, a finger and also its nail, the sun and the grass solstice.
—Take it in.
—All that counts.
—All that counts does happen
—Let’s go for it,
—plenty to go round
—and even some left over.



Release: 23/10/2017

Live Recording on January 20th, 2017
Conservatorio Profesional de Música de Salamanca, Salamanca, Spain
Concert produced by Alamisa
Recording engineer: Raimundo Martín Luengo
Mixing and mastering: Ferran Conangla
Photos: Juan Fran ESE
Graphic design: Małgorzata Lipińska
Executive Producer: Maciej Karłowski
Produced by Agustí Fernández for Sluchaj Fundacja