Spontaneus Chamber Music vol​.​1

Patryk and I first met during the 9th edition of the Ad Libitum Festival. We performed Boguslaw Shaeffer’s Media there, but more importantly we formed a part of the Ad Libitum Ensemble, an improvising orchestra, under the direction of the festival’s resident conductor, Augusti Fernandez. From the very first notes we knew our cooperation would not end with the festival. Sometimes musicians who haven’t known each other before are able to communicate as if they had played together for a hundred years – it is an extraordinary, inspiring experience. Sounds combine into motifs, blend into phrases and textures almost on their own, and the music just flows.

We are talking here about improvised, intuitive music. This means that nothing has been previously planned or composed. Every sound is a unique phenomenon which may appear only here and now.

In the studio we were joined by the brilliant percussionist, Mikolaj Miki Wielecki. It was the first time we had all played together.

The album is a literal record of our session. The pieces come in the exact same order we played them in. Nothing has been edited, nor recorded later. We wanted to respect what happened in that moment.

Let it flow.



Release: 11/01/2016