Look In To My Eyes, I​’​m Watching You

Outstanding violinist and improviser from Serbia Szilard Mezei in his latest studio recording! Alongside him on double bass are Zoltan Zoltán Csányi and percussion painter from Catalonia Vasco Trilla.



Release: 03/02/2023

All compositions by Szilárd Mezei (SOKOJ/STIM), Zoltán Csányi (ARTISJUS) and Vasco Trilla (GDA)

Recorded live by LVA:
Track 1, 2, 3 - 05. 10. 2021. at KC Lab, Novi Sad, Serbia
Track 4, 5 - 07. 10. 2021. at RCA Magyarkanizsa, Serbia
Track 1, 2 - 08. 10. 2021. at Samo Pivo, Subotica, Serbia
Track 3 - 09. 10. 2021. at Korzó Zeneház, Szeged, Hungary

Edited, mixed and mastered by Szilárd Mezei / LVA
Thanks to Korzó Zeneház, Szeged, Hungary
Photos: László Juhász
Graphic Design: Anna Kulikowska
Executive Producer:Maciej Karłowski