On June 15th 2016 the website celebrated its fifth anniversary. It wasn’t turning 18, but in the virtual reality time flows a bit differently, you count it not the same way as outside the Internet. Little or full-grown, we are very happy that thanks to you we were able and we are still able to do what we do. For you. Without you: both listeners and concert-goers, both CD producers and organisers of concerts, we wouldn’t have been at the place we are now and most probably we wouldn’t have found the power to continue.
We are not big fans of exuberant celebrations and grand gala evenings, or PR slogans which are often much louder than the music they are supposed to promote. However, our fifth birthday was so important to us, that we decided to celebrate it in an appropriate way.
What was the way? Music, obviously – but what music? On such occasion we wanted to hear music that was unheard before. Music, that gives you no chance to prepare for or to anticipate its perception; music that is full of risk on one hand, and that can open new horizons for both listeners and musicians on the other.
Therefore, we decided to invite artists, who in theory have very little in common (country of origin, years of stage experience, range of musical background), but in fact are not that different from one another – they have all dedicated their whole life to music and they’ve been doing it consequently and with just as much enchantment as at the beginning of their career. And, what’s even more important, they keep taking their own way.
It was a great honour to host the great magician of improvisation, Even Parker together with the most promising, in our opinion, formation of the Polish jazz scene, RGG. They played together on the hospitable stage of legendary Alchemia club inKrakow and today we’re handing the recording of this meeting to you, believing that their music will be remembered by you as long as it’s remembered by us.



Release: 06/02/2017