Having played string instruments since I was 6 (I studied the nylon string guitar classical literature extensively and later on played the cello in a Suzuki method type String orchestra where I also tried the violin,viola and bass) enabled me to truly appreciate this recording you are about to hear. Arcado represents probably the best String trio you will ever hear in creative music.
Individually and as a group, Feldman, Roberts and Dresser bring out the rhythmic flexibility and melodic bluntness of Strings in a unique passionate delivery that prompted me to navigate deep into uncharted waters of musical ecstasy. In fact I metamorphosed into a string instrument myself and felt welcomed and embraced by their pizzicatos, ponticellos and sordinos while we collectively fused brass and strings into a new musical entity. Hear how Dresser’s throbbing velvety bass lines propels the whole music machinery with an almost non-human perfect intonation, how Feldman’s fleeting lines bring you back to 19th century virtuoso violin when sheer technical mastery didn’t preclude great artistry and hear how Roberts creatively stitches Dresser and Feldman’s sound fabrics into a tapestry of royal elegance.
I have had the privilege of playing with some of the best String improvisers in the world but never before with a established String trio with such far reaching sound tentacles that many a time to this day I still feel that I am playing the cello. And maybe I really am.
Ivo Perelman



Release: 17/08/2020

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jim Clouse at Parkwest studios, Brooklyn NY on April 2018
Photo: Jim Clouse
Liner Note: Ivo Perelman
Cover Design: SEMAFOR
Executive Producer: Maciej Karłowski