Bessarabian Journey

Marcin would like to thank: Miron Zajfert – for telling me about Bessarabia and introducing me to this wonderful music, Tomasz Kaliński – for helping us get into NInA for the recording session, Michał Kupicz – for the great sound of the record, and extremely fast work – WOW!, Patryk Zakrocki, Maciej Szczyciński, Krzyś Szmańda – you are great musicians, friends and wonderful people, it’s an honour to play with you. If you have managed to get as far as here, the hidden track is called ‘Gone’. Hope you have enjoyed finding it.

The „Bessarabian Journey” was created especially for the New Jewish Music Festival, inspired by its director Miron Zajfert.

This album is dedicated to my Wife, Agnieszka.



Release: 14/04/2016

Recording and mix - Michał Kupicz

Recorded live @ Narodowy Instytut Audiowizualny, Concert Hall “Ziemia Obiecana”, 3. March, 2016.