Dag Magnus Narvesen

Dag Magnus Narvesen, born in 1983, is a drummer, percussionist and composer who is mainly working in the field of improvised and contemporary music.

Emerging from the diverse and renowned jazz scene of Norway, leading bands like Sasquatch, co-leading Kitchen Orchestra and as a member of Gunhild Seim’s Time Jungle, his current musical endeavors feature his highly acclaimed octet DAMANA, Schlippenbach/Narvesen Duo, Dag Magnus Narvesen kvintett, Harri Sjöström’s MOVE quintet and Up and Out, Didrik Ingvaldsen Orchestra and Aki Takase’s Japanic, to name a few. In working with these and other bands, especially some tied to the Berlin scene, he has acquired a reputation as a highly skilled drummer and a trusted musical collaborator.

Narvesen has a very strong compositional foundation in his improvisational work, and with resolute sensitivity, he soulfully brings both melodic and harmonic qualities to his dynamic drum playing. At the core of his musical approach lies a strong emphasis on active, intent listening, an energetic and generous style of playing and finding creative solutions for a pure collective expression.