Trevor Watts/Veryan Weston/Hannah Marshall/Alison Blunt – Dialogues With Strings – new album, new band

Watts and Veraan Weston – one of the greatest duos of improvised music. They have been touring and recording albums together for a long time and whenever new recordings are released, fans and critics see it as an event.

This time, however, both British gentlemen decided to broaden the duo’s formula. It all started with a concert with Peter Knight improvising a folk violinist at London’s Cafe OTO. A few months later the gentlemen decided to invite two young ladies to play together: Alison Bunt, a violinist, and Hannah’e Marshall, a cellist. In the second half of April this year, they again stood on the boards of Cafe OTO, this time as a quartet. In the club, apart from the audience, there were also television cameras. BBC 3 decided to film the concert and then broadcast it in fragments to the delight of all lovers of improvised music. And now the Słuchaj Foundation is lucky to share the recording of that performance in the form of a CD.

So before you the album „Dialogues With String”. You had the opportunity to listen to it during this year’s edition of Ad Libitum and the concert premiere of the album also took place. From now on, it will be available all over the world.