Hannah Marshall

First and foremost I am a human being, and most of my work attempts to bring that bewildering experience into some kind of focus. A medium to do this, that I’ve practiced since I was young, is music. I use performing music, recording sound, composition, and working with lots of different people through sound, to discover more about the nature of experience, my life, existence, body, interconnection and anything else that might come up! The second medium that I use is theatre, telling stories through performance, imagery, text, sound, space, light, and working closely with all kinds of people. I also love to draw and write. I find it curious to consider the need to share, interact and allow what ever I’m doing to have some space to transform. Sometimes it doesn’t need that. I would describe my activity as a continual movement between imagination and experience to situations and performance, if I’m lucky something special can happen!

You can hear me regularly playing improvised and experimental music on my cello, you can sometimes here my work in sound tracks of visual theatre, puppet and performance companies. Like many musicians and performance makers I ‚teach’ people, in schools, colleges, nurseries, workshops, and am constantly ‚taught’ by that experience. I am currently compiling writings about experiences I and others have had as ‚learners’ and ‚teachers’