Marcin Olak and his quartet take us on a Bessarabian journey – New album soon

Bessarabian Journey – Marcin Olak’s latest album is music prepared especially for the New Jewish Music Festival and will have its premiere during this festival on April 14th. What is „Road through Bessarabia”? Perhaps the best thing to say is that it is a story about your fascination with the world that no longer exists – the world of music of Bessarabian Jews – in the language of 21st century music. Of course, it’s a world you’ll get to know while listening to archival records, studying old notes from Kiev archives, a world that we’d like to show you in fragments before you go to the Polin Museum concert.

And here is the inclination of Marcin Olak’s band and his quartet appointed to take us on this Bessarabian journey:

  • Marcin Olak – guitars
  • Patryk Zakrocki – violin, viola, mbira
  • Maciej Szczyciński – double bass
  • Krzysztof Szmańda – drums