Liquid Trio Plays Bernoulli or how Agusti Fernandez, Albert Cirera and Ramon Prats deals with thermodynamics

Liquid Catalonian trio, although not an old band, is known to all lovers of improvisation. So far, they have recorded two albums together, both released in Spain. This was enough to make the world of improvised music look more closely at the musicians, who will be the future of improvised music.

Of course, the pianist Agusti Fernandez is already creating this improvised reality as a star. Albert Cirera – saxophones and Ramon Prats – drums, on the other hand, belong to the young generation of artists and, in the opinion of many, they are the ones who will replace today’s legends of the scene.

Who are the young Catalans we could convince during this year’s Ad Libitum Festival when they performed powered by the talents of Artur Majewski and Rafał Mazur. The Liquid Trio Plays Bernoulli album had its premiere at that time.

The title of the album may bring to mind albums dedicated to Thelonious Monk, but the Liquid Trio, even if it looks at Monk’s music, does not refer to it directly, but rather as an old inspiration that to some extent influences the sensitivity of every musical erudite, regardless of whether it has decided to play conventional music or not. And what about Bernoulli – a legendary Swiss mathematician, dealing with hydrodynamics, author of the equation of stationary motion of a perfect liquid named after him? It is also a slightly provocative reference, which is spiced up by the fact that all the recordings on the album took their titles from the names of the famous wines on the Iberian Peninsula.

The third installment of the Liquid Trio, this time released by Fundacja Słuchaj!