„Ability to improvise is the driving force in human nature. To be able to create something new, one needs to improvise. While improvising we operate outside the box and use some of our unused brain capacity (which is according to many scientists overwhelming 90% of our total capacity). In musical improvisation you have very similar parameters as in life in general, to be able to succeed you need to trust and listen to each other and understand the big picture by learning new things all the time. That said, I was privileged to get to know and play together with these two great Polish improvisers, Maciej and Krzysztof on a warm late summer evening in Katowice. Magical things happened on this beautiful first encounter. I´m especially happy by the variety of tunes, sounds and textures we created during our session.”

Pauli Lyytinen, Helsinki 10th of June 2020



Release: 16/09/2020

All music improvised by Pauli Lyytinen / Maciej Garbowski / Krzysztof Gradziuk
Recorded live on 23rd of August 2019 at Institute of Music Performance, Katowice
by Maciej Garbowski
Mixed & Mastered at TOKARNIA Studio by Jan Smoczyński
Special thanks to: Pauli Lyytinen / Maciej Garbowski / Krzysztof Gradziuk / Jan Smoczyński

Photo by: Krzysztof Gradziuk
Produced by: Pauli Lyytinen / Maciej Garbowski / Krzysztof Gradziuk
Executive Producer: Maciej Karłowski
Cover Design: Małgorzata Lipińska