Four magnificent improvisers from different countries. Among them, legendary and iconic double bass master Barry Guy, one of the greatest jazz / improvised music drummers Ramon Lopez, Japanese living in Ireland classically trained piano master Izumi Kimura and polish trumpet and cornet wizard from Poland Artur Majewski. All of them, after Ad Libitum Festival 2021, after the initiative of FSRecords’ executive producer, Maciej Karlowski, went to the studio and recorded some improvised music that now you receive on CD titled Kind Of Light – by the way, the last CD in the catalog in the 2022 year.

In that session, They recorded even more music than could contain one single CD. Collectively Izumi, Artur, Ramon, Barry, and Maciej decided to publish, the second part of it as the first CD in the next 2023 year. So now please, now welcome Kind of Light and wait a little bit for the next part of this magical session Kind Of Shadow.



Release: 06/12/2022

Recorded 17 October 2021 at Agnieszka Osiecka Polish Radio Concert Hall, Warsaw by Kuba Sosulski
Mixed by Artur Majewski 2022
Masterded by Grzegorz Piwkowski at Hi End Studio, Warsaw 2022
Photos: Krzysztof Machowina
Cover Design: Piotr Biegański
Produced by Maciej Karłowski
Executive Producer: Maciej Karłowski