Wójciński / Szmańda Quartet

This is four musical originals. The idea for the band came from Wójciński brothers who after years of separate careers in different bands decided to create a new formation and invited Krzysztof Szmańda, a valued drummer.
Musicians started to collaborate in 2014 and released album – Delusions (by Fundacja Słuchaj) which Polish-Jazz Blogspot named the best album of 2016. Their music is based on free improvisation that results in naturally closed compositions. Quartet performed in Poland, Canada, Israel, Netherlands and in Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York (USA). In 2018, the quartet was announced the best showcase band in Jazz Juniors Hitch On Music Exchange in Kraków.
In 2019 Wójcinski/Szmanda Quartet released new album- With all due respect (by Kansas Records).
The music of the quartet is based on free improvisation which in a natural way takes the shape of closed compositions. The music created by the band is a resultant of many experiences and inspirations of each band member. Their common denominator is an openness to music regardless of stylistic divisions.
This approach comes from the want of freedom which is the quintessence of improvised music.