Vincent Glanzmann

Vincent Glanzmann is a Zurich, Switzerland based drummer. As a performer and composer he is involved in a multitude of collaborations with artists from various fields. His playful way of working conceptually makes him an active part of the progressive improvisation, pop and jazz scene. With his distinctive sound, creative energy and communicative playing style, which often includes preparations and alternative techniques, he manages to cooperate with a broad spectrum of artists within contemporary music, visual arts, dance, fashion and literature.

Cooperating with other percussionists is one of his special interests. One prominent example of this being his work with the New York drummer Gerry Hemingway. This collaboration is directly related to Glanzmann’s ongoing electro-acoustical solo work, in which he is primarily interested in cultivating a personal and intimate musical language aswell as investigating compositional and performative ideas. His cryptic second solo album Z/Rzw-Shiiiiiii was released in the beginning of 2018.

Other interests of his involve collaborating with dance. He has written and performed several compositions for contemporary dance companies and balets in germany and switzerland. Current work includes a composition for the dance piece „drum dancing” commissioned by the Theater Regensburg (DE). Premiering in february 2020 this will be his fourth collaboration with the Berlin based choregrapher Georg Reischl.

He obtained a Master of Arts degree in music (performance jazz) at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts in 2012 and has operated as a freelancer and independent artist in Europe ever since. In December 2016, he was the artist in residence at the cities jazz club Moods in Zurich and in 2017 the city of Zurich honored him with the cultural award „Werkjahr”.

Apart from this he was co-organiser of the concert series Seismogram in Zurich, and functioned as a part of the Unerhört festival’s Advisory Board. Currently he is engaging himself in a voluntary capacity as a member of the Moods Musicians Council. He is also a member of the multi functional organisation Through States of Matter. In these above mentiones contexts, he considers it important to support progressive Swiss musicians.