Theo Ceccaldi

Voted „French revelation of the year 2014” by Jazz Magazine, then „French musician of the year 2016” by Jazz Magazine, Théo Ceccaldi has established himself today with his Victoire du Jazz 2017 „Revelation of the Year” as one of the most singular voices on the new European jazz scene.

By developing a discourse of great subtlety and nuance, constantly seeking to reconcile ardour, lyricism and formal sophistication, Théo truly found his voice in 2010 by creating an original trio linking Western chamber music tradition and improvisation.

The Théo Ceccaldi Trio has since confirmed all the good we thought of him by signing two records in succession for the Ayler Records label, and by winning the AJC’s 2014 Jazz Migration Tour. A founding member of the vibrant Orléans collective Tricollective, the violinist also actively participates in a series of ensembles, including the La Scala quartet, the Loving Suite for Birdy So by pianist Roberto Negro (with Elise Caron) and the Power Trio In Love With by drummer Sylvain Darrifourcq. In 2014, Théo Ceccaldi, who was acclaimed by his peers, joined Olivier Benoit’s ONJ, Régis Huby and Guillaume Roy’s iXi improvised music string quartet, the Franco-German qÖÖlp quartet with Berliners Christian Lillinger and Ronny Graupe, Daniel Erdmann’s European trio Velvet Revolution, and Joëlle Léandre Can You Hear Me’s new tentet?

In addition, Théo composes and arranges for the Grand Orchestre du Tricot, a repertoire of songs by Lucienne Boyer, divine performer of the Roaring Twenties, and performs in the film-concert Petite Moutarde alongside Alexandra Grimal, or in the Ballroom Dance duo with Roberto Negro. He also enjoys playing improvised encounters and invitations, notably with Louis Sclavis, Fred Pallem, Michel Portal, Vincent Courtois, Daniel Humair, Bruno Chevillon, Paolo Fresu, Eve Risser, Akosh.S, Andy Emler, Emile Parisien, Michele Rabbia or Elise Dabrowski.

In 2018, Théo, a kind of post-industrial Paganini Dada, a bulimic of encounters and music, lifted his foot to focus on the explosive Freaks project. Over-excited, panting, gliding, pulsating, zapping creatures who form his brand new half-Punk half-Hug combo.

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