The tools of imagination of Eddie Prevost and Evan Parker

Evan Parker and Eddie Prevost – one of the most outstanding creators of improvised music, and at the same time representatives of the first generation of free improvised artists – have been playing together for decades and on very equal occasions.However, as a duo they have only released two albums so far, a double entitled „Most Materiall” released over 20 years ago and „Imponderable Evidence”, which was released in 2004, both studio albums and released by the famous Matchless Records. From now on, the duo’s duo discography will be expanded by a third album, this time a concert one, recorded during the performance of Evan Parker and Eddie Prevost at the Pardon to Tu club. The album is entitled „Tools Of Imagination” and lasts exactly 60 minutes and is a recording of the main part of the duo’s concert in Warsaw. From now on, that is from Eddie Prevost’s birthday, you can boldly claim it in record stores.Tools Of Imagination by Evan Parker / Eddie Prevost