The OWL – On the Way. Marcin Hałat’s first album for the Listen Foundation!

At the beginning of last year, Krzysztof Gradziuk sent me a mysterious set of files with music and carelessly threw it to the phone handset „please listen and give me a call what you think about it”.

No description, not even a fragment of the name or surname of the musicians, songs without titles. Nothing! As Krzysztof belongs to a small group of listened musicians and it was not uncommon for me to discover music I had never heard before, not immediately, but in the end I started listening to music from files. I found a good moment, late in the evening, hoping at that time to catch up with the arrears that are piling up without repentance, no matter how conscientiously you try to prevent them. Unfortunately, this time it didn’t succeed, but this time the riddle was even more intriguing. The speakers were full of sounds of violin, double bass and drums, but played not in the spirit of our Polish jazz violin tradition, but one over which the spirit of improvisation hung, which I am looking for in every unknown recording. It turned out that the violinist, whom I couldn’t recognize for nothing in the world, was Marcin Hałat, and the accompanying rhythm section was Krzysztof Gradziuk on drums and Maciej Garbowski on double bass… It also turned out, to my great joy, that the music recorded by the gentlemen in the recording studio has not yet been released anywhere and if there was such a will on the side of the Listen to the Foundation, the band is ready to cooperate.

We are proud to present a double album of The OWL entitled „On the Way”, which is a jazz debut of Marcin Hałat, a violinist who plays and thinks about music differently than the rest of the violinists, sounds differently than they do and takes his listeners to other places than his older and younger colleagues.