SUNDOGS – a new glimmer on the improvised scene

Where does the pulse of improvised music beat? In the veins of great stars, legends and meritorious creators? Undoubtedly, yes, but not only there. This pulse beats also, or maybe above all, in the hearts and minds of young musicians who are beginning their musical careers today.

This is the case with the young Polish band SUNDOGS. Its line-up includes musicians associated with the improvised Wrocław scene, Mateusz Rybicki, Zbigniew Kozyra on double bass and Samuel Hall on drums.

For such bands, for the music they create, among others, we have established the publishing house of the Słuchaj Foundation,” says Maciej Karłowski in one of his interviews and adds, „SUNDOGS’ music is different from the music we experience on a daily basis.

I can’t help feeling that the trio has found its own language, its own colour and its own sound, which is unusual, especially at the beginning of the journey. I hope that they will never deviate from this path. With the album of the same title (SUNDOGS) and in general with the arrival of the band, our music scene gained something very valuable and extraordinary.