Spontaneus Chamber Music vol.1 – new album of the trio Olak/Zakrocki/Wielecki released by the Foundation Listen!

The first week of the New Year is coming to an end and, as it was exactly a year ago, it’s time to announce another album in the series of the Fundacja Słuchaj! – Marcin Olak / Patryk Zakrocki / Mikołaj Wielecki – SPontaneus Chamber Music vol. 1.

So far the foundation has released KOMEDA AHEAD trio Oleś Brothers & Chsitropher Dell, MYRIAD DUO – Dominik Strycharski and Rafał Mazur, NIGHT TALKS – duo Wojciech Jachna and Ksawery Wójciński and SESTO ELEMENTO – Maciej Garbowski, Piotr Damasiewicz and William Soovik.

Now is the time for a completely new ensemble, which, by the way, was created during last year’s Ad Libitum Festival, when 10 outstanding Polish improvisers gathered at the Ad Libitum Ensemble and were led to the grand finale of the festival in the Witold Lutosławski Concert Studio by the eminent pianist Augustiego Fernandez. The effects of this cooperation, as well as the remaining three concerts of the Catalan pianist’s birthday residence in Warsaw, were also published by the Listen to the music in the 4-CD box „River, Tiger Fire”. It was then that guitarist Maricn Olak and violinist Patryk Zakrocki met for the first time. First during the rehearsal, during which they worked under the supervision of Krzysztof Knittel on Schaeffer’s composition Media, then fully improvised rehearsals with August Fernandez.

Combining such diverse musical personalities into one band was a very risky undertaking. After all, they are all strong leaders, musicians with vast experience and achievements, who have their own, sometimes very clearly defined views on the search and who develop them in sometimes completely different directions, but that within this great group in their diversity Olak and Zakrocki decide to act together further, there was no way to predict. It is all the more pleasing that today, from the perspiration of time, the finale of the festival and the music created at the Sponataneus Chamber Music vo.1, it seems surprising that the artistic paths of these wonderful musicians have never crossed before.

Supported by the talent and imagination of the drummer Mikołaj Wielecki, they created a trio, a new fomation on the Polish improvised scene. They will soon be performing at a promotional concert in Pardo To Tu, their new album, on Sunday, January 10. And we are giving Wa into our hands music that we didn’t expect and that in its transience and colour delights us very much. Take it and listen to it all!