Scratching Fork II out now!

On a perfectly smooth surface of silence, three hurled stones create their patterns of waves. The lines intersect, unite, cancel out, or reinforce each other. Sometimes, they form together a harmonious pattern. At other times, they express the beauty of chaos and entropy. But they always remain in relation to each other – no movement goes unanswered. No energy escapes into nothingness.

These three stones are Scratching Fork. Three musicians with different characters, histories, and registers. Marek Malinowski’s guitar and compositions resonate with the full spectrum of harmonies and dissonances, acoustic variations, and powerful riffs. To these sounds, Wojtek Zadrużyński adds rhythmic play and tonal colours on the drums. Robert Rychlicki’s double bass provides the complement and foundation for those musical journeys.

Their music, recorded on their second album, is a series of raw sonic journeys through the realms of jazz, rock, and free music. Consistently avoiding staying in one genre for too long, Scratching Fork communicates its emotions, energy, and sensitivity to the listener. They hope that in the expanding circles of waves created by their sounds, listeners can immerse themselves for a few moments longer.