Samo Salamon & New Freequestra present Free Distance, Vol. 2: Poems are Opening

During the first lockdown of the Covid era in spring 2020 my creative fire was still burning. All concerts were cancelled, but I still wanted to play and improvise. That’s were the idea for long-distance improvisation came up. I sent emails to some of my friends and other musicians who I admired and hoped that they might be interested in doing such a project.

I’m really happy that some of the best improvisers in Europe were happy to participate in this project. I’m such a fan of all these players, they are monster improvisers, composers and bandleaders on their own as well. All tracks are completely improvised or could be even described as structured improvisation. Musicians sent me their tracks, based on an initial improvisation by myself. Then I cut, mixed and blended the music to actually make music. It was an incredibly fun project and challenge!

The title of the album and all the compositions are based on two poems by the great US poet E.E. Cummings, since poetry is my other artistic love and obsession.

Thanks to Maciej Karlowski and all the incredible musicians for their time, creativity and beautiful playing! Hopefully more soon!