New album of the Foundation Listen to me! – Hamid Drake and Ned Rothenberg – Full Circle – Live in Łódź

On July 5th last year, in the club Ciągoty i Tęsknoty in Łódź, one of the most important improvisers of the New York scene Ned Rothenberg and the legendary drummer Hamid Drake performed at the only joint concert in Poland. We were at that concert. He was wonderful. There was a spark between the musicians and the audience and even the sky gave a clear sign of it. Right after the first song we heard a loud thunder of lightning, as if the duo on top of it had gained a similar acceptance as on Earth.

We recorded this concert and it turned out, shortly after its end, that we all want it not to be lost in the nooks and crannies of computer memory, but to leave a trace of it. Today, we would like to show you this trace in its entirety.