Joe Morris – ULTRAimportant record

Joe Morris. Some loved him as a guitarist, others as a double bass player. Some as a collaborator of Anthony Braxton and others as a leader of their own ensembles, inviting musicians of all musical backgrounds to collaborate. In the USA Joe Morris is a very important figure, in Europe he is a star, invited to celebrate the 60th birthday of such figures as Agusti Fernandez. In Poland, he is probably known only to a handful of listeners, but a handful of them are faithful and closely following his artistic actions.

Years ago, Joe Morris invited the aforementioned Catalan pianist Agusta Fernandez, a Tunisian violinist born in London, Yasmiene Azaiez, and two other young ladies whose artistic careers are only just beginning to shine.

Together they entered a recording studio in Brooklyn and recorded music, which we now have a great pleasure to present to the world under the title ULTRA. If you want to describe the musical content of ULTRA album in the most playful way and at the same time in the fullest possible way, who knows if it wouldn’t be the thing that it’s the music of all the strings of the world, which have freed themselves from aesthetic trends, stylistic drawers and performance conventions. Do you like this description? We hope so, and we believe that you will like their music.