Intersecting Lives – new release by Guillermo Gregorio, Joe Fonda and Ramón López

Geometrically speaking an intersection is a point, line, or curve common to two or more objects. If we represent life as a line progressing in time (as if strictly in a straightforward and naïve fashion) the intersection of three lives at a determined time would appear simply as a point.
But lives happen to be very complex, as multidimensional shapes and not merely lines.
Consequently, the intersection of three complex multidimensional objects would also be a very complex figure—perhaps too difficult to understand or represent in a conventional approach.
When the subjectivity of one musician—developed through historical, cultural, geographical, and other affective experiences—intersects at a specific moment and place with the subjective space of two other musicians, it seems likely that no discourse or narrative will be able to
describe the shape of that intersection.
However, the resulting sound events that occur within that space at the moment of the recording session could reveal the unique “shape” and
character of this similarly unique musical intersection. The three “intersecting lives” in question responsible for the music on this CD are, certainly, very different! However, by definition, that complex figure of intersection ultimately does contain what those three musical lives have in common and how they react to these circumstances.
Listen to the music on this CD. Perhaps you will be able to catch a glimpse of that unimaginable shape!