Guillermo Gregorio/Rafał Mazur/Ramon Lopez – Wandering the Sound – new album

The first album from Hat Hut label that came into my hands was Guillermo Gregorio’s album entitled „Approximetly”. The only thing I knew about Hat Hut was that it was a legendary publishing house publishing great personalities from the circle of contemporary music and avant-garde jazz that Anthony Braxton, Cecil Taylor, Steve Lacy and famous bands such as Arditi String Quartet recorded music by John Cage or Morton Feldman. The only place where you could ask for such records in Warsaw at the time was Vivart, which has long since ceased to exist and which I think has shaped the taste of many Polish music lovers to a large extent. So I asked and heard the answer that at the moment there are no records of any of the musicians mentioned above, but there is an album of another great improviser Guillermo Gregorio, completely new, just a few months earlier released – „Approximately”. The road was devilish, but what the hell! I thought I’d listen to this album waiting in the hope that the dream albums I’ve already heard about would come soon. It was the strangest music I ever got my hands on at the time. I didn’t know Guillermo Gregorio or any of the musicians playing there, but it wasn’t easy to break away from it. With time, the collection of Mr. Gregorio’s recordings has grown a bit, as well as my awareness of who the Argentinian improviser is on the music scene has grown a bit. It would take a long time to calculate, but let’s just stop with the fact that he participated in the activities of Argentine Fluxus, worked with Franz Koglman, taught at Purdue University, and commissioned works from him, for example, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. I never thought that there would come a time when I would have a chance to release an album with him myself.

The chance came last year when Rafał Mazur told me that during Gregorio’s short stay in Krakow, he had the opportunity to record some music with him. The duo was completed by the famous drummer Ramon Lopez, and some of them were recorded by Rafał Drewniany in a studio in NIepołomice. There was also a question whether I would like to listen to her. Of course, I would like to answer it and frankly speaking, even before the end of the listening I knew that I would also like to be able to publish it by the publishing house of the Listen Foundation! Luckily, both Rafał Mazur and Ramon Lopez, and of course Guillermo Gregorio, also, reacted enthusiastically to the idea of the release. And so Wondering The Sound became a fact. And for me it’s a kind of another fulfilled dream from my youth. And let no one ever try to deny the claim that dreams come true.