Francois Carrier’s Ensemble presents new album – Openness

Let’s move to Montreal in 2006, when Francois Carrier’s ensemble performed on the La Chapelle festival stage with an unusual and astonishing line-up.
The leader recalls that time:
In late 2005, I was putting together my annual series of concerts with both local and international artists and musicians. Two of these nights were dedicated to special guests. At the time, I had just heard of Tomasz Stanko from his beautiful album, Matka Joanna. Instantly, I knew I had to do something with him. I listened to his playing over and over. He is such a unique soul. Soon after, I was able to get in touch with Anna Stanko, his daughter and agent, and we agreed on the terms to have him come to Montréal for two concerts. I felt that having two other musicians I had the blessing to play with over the years would create the perfect and unique sound so I reached out to Mat Maneri and Gary Peacock who both came along. Of course, Michel Lambert would also be part of this ad hoc group adventures.