Evan Parker & RGG – Live At Alchemia – new album to celebrate the birthday of Jazzarium

Last year, the Jazzarium portal celebrated its fifth birthday on 15 June. It was not yet an adult age, but in the reality of the network time probably has to be counted a little differently. Young or old we were and still are very happy that thanks to you and for you we could and still can do what we do. Without you – both those who listen to records and go to concerts, as well as those who organize albums and concerts for all of us – we wouldn’t be in the place where we are and we probably wouldn’t find the strength to continue our activity.
Certainly it hasn’t escaped your attention that we aren’t big fans of the pompous celebration of anniversaries, nor of the great fetishes that so often accompany the world of music, nor of the PR slogans that are often much louder than the music they are supposed to serve. We also gave up ranking the best and worst records, plebiscites of all kinds, although some people probably have a bit of a grudge against us. No less we believe in the everyday contact with music and admiring it in a cosy tete-a-tete. However, our fifth birthday was an important event for us, so much so that we wanted to celebrate it properly.

Hence the idea of organizing a birthday concert with music that we don’t think has ever existed before. Such music, which will be unprepared for, and which will be full of risk on the one hand, and on the other, may open new horizons for both our listeners and the musicians who will play it for us.

We have invited artists who are theoretically far from each other – from the stage internship, the country of origin and the scale of their experience – but who have quite a lot in common. Just the fact that they put their lives on the altar of music, they act consistently and with the same dazzle as they did at the beginning of their careers, and what is especially important, they constantly follow their own path.

It was a great honour to host the great improvisation magician Evan Parker and, in our opinion, the most promising Polish jazz band RGGG, on one stage, together with the famous Alchemy of Krakow. Today, we give you the record of this meeting in your hands, believing that their common music will be remembered by you in the same way as we remember it.