City of Gardens- a new album from the RGG trio, Samuel Blaser and Verneri Pohjola

The International Jazz Day is coming up. We have only four days left before 30 April. In many places we will celebrate this day in different ways. Most often they will be concert events. The Listen Foundation will approach it in a slightly different way. On that day the newest album of City Of Gardens will be released on the market.

The album includes a concert recording of the well-known RGG trio made during last year’s, twelfth edition of the Silesian Jazz Festival in Katowice. A quintet consisting of Łukasz Ojdana (piano), Maciej Garbowski (double bass) and Krzysztof Gradziuk (drums), as well as an excellent trumpeter, Verneri Pohjola (trumpeter) and Swiss Samuel Blaser (trombone virtuoso) from Finland, stood on the stage of the concert hall of the City of Gardens. Both guests are musicians well known to the Polish audience. We had the opportunity to listen to them many times on our concert stages, both festival and club, but in such a juxtaposition they performed for the first time.

And so it sometimes happens that as a result of such spontaneous meetings, music is created that has this unique charm of unprecedented freshness, leaving the listener with the impression that the musicians play, on the one hand, as inspired by opening unknown spaces to the audience, and on the other hand, as if they had known each other for decades and in the course of a joint artistic journey worked out their own sound and homogeneous sound cosmos.

Many of such musical concert meetings will remain only in the memory of the participants of the concert. This time the sound recorders were on on time and worked without any reservations and today, on the day we celebrate jazz, we can also celebrate the record birth of the Contemporary Sonus project.