City Fall – Life at Cafe OTO – a new album for Christmas

It is slowly time to start celebrating Christmas. Before you sit down at the Christmas Eve table we have something for you for.

The complete, two-set concert of the Evan Parker Quartet, Mikołaj Trzaska, John Edwards, Mark Sanders is a gift that we have made together. Because there were also several occasions for that. First of all, the concert took place in the year of Evan Parker’s 70th birthday, secondly, it was released in the year of Mikołaj Trzaska’s 50th birthday, thirdly, 20 years ago, my journalistic work began and finally, fourthly, 5 years ago, the website was created, which I am very lucky to manage from the very beginning. We were wondering if this is the way to tittle the album. The numbers alone – 70/50/20/5, but the numbers are not able to describe the music. Anyway, the same as the words.

Therefore, although there are several occasions accompanying its release, we decided that there will be neither liner note nor a strange digital title. And now let nothing distract you from the music.