Catapulta De Pols D’estrelles – a gift from Mikołaj Trzaska and Vasco Trilla

Today we all look into various nooks and crannies looking for gifts dropped by Santa Claus. The youngest lead in this, but truth be told, music lovers have something of small children and probably the greatest pleasure for them when they learn that a new album with unknown music is just appearing.

Mikołaj Trzaska is an artist who does not need to be introduced to anyone and who enjoys not only our little fame but also our good news. Last year, in April, Mikołaj met in Barcelona Jamboree club with a young wizard of percussion instruments Vasco Trilla, not only to enjoy the front Catalan wines and delicious tapas, but above all to music together to the delight of the gathered audience. Fortunately, that evening was recorded and the yields of this music did not disappear in the darkness of oblivion.

It is with all the more joy that the Fundacja Słuchaj! presents that concert today to all those who did not come to the Jamboree club at that time. Today, that music appears on a CD called Catapulta De Pols D’estrelles. Mikłoaj Trzaska plays on the alto saxophone and bass clarinet and Vasco Trilla sits behind the set of percussion instruments and drums.