Do you remember the legendary CD Legba Crossing released on FMP? Of course, you do! Each Cecil Taylor’s music fan does it! Two years later Ove Volquartz assembled almost the same line-up and brought Cecil Taylor to Gottingen to work with the legendary artist longer and more intense. Here you have the whole monumental concert they gave on September 15th! What is the difference? Fundamental as always in the case of such great visionaries like Cecil was! Here, additionaly Mr. Taylor performs not only as a director and conductor but also as a full-time pianist!!!!!!! So let’s discover what happened in 1990 at Junges Theater in Gottingen!!!!!



Release: 15/06/2021

Cecil Taylor Ensemble
live at Junges Theater Göttingen Sept.15th, 1990

Recorded by Joachim Gückel
Cover Design: SEMAFOR
Executive Producer: Maciej Karłowski