For The People Of The Open Heart

Three masters in their respective instrumental fields. Wybithy trombonist Steve Swell, one of Germany’s most active percussionists Klaus Kugel and Mark Tokar, a Ukrainian double bassist who swapped his double bass for a rifle for the duration of the war with Russia.

They are not a working band, but when they stand on stage together you get the feeling that they have been playing together forever and understand each other in half a word and create music of great power and momentum.
All the music was recorded at the Evinger Schloss in Dortmund, Germany.



Release: 06/07/2023

Mixed and mastered by Rafał Drewniany []
Many thanks to Hans Schreiber / MUSIC information and documentation center RUHR
Photos: Rafał Pawłowski (Steve Swell), Oleg Nitsko (Mark Tokar), Barka Fabianova (Klaus Kugel)
Graphic Design: SEMAFOR
Executive Producer: Maciej Karlowski