Dødsdromen trio appeared in the winter of 2018, when P.O. Jørgens who was on tour in Russia agreed to the offer of Moscow musicians Anton Ponomarev and Dmitry Lapshin to go to the studio and play some improvisational music.

The result of that was a record (released on Polish Fundacja Słuchaj label) and the decision of all members of the trio to form a band and give it the name Dødsdromen („death well” – a stunt show in which drivers of motorcycles and miniature cars ride in a circle along a vertical wall, performing dangerous stunts due to friction and centrifugal force strength).



Release: 23/05/2020

Anton Ponomarev – alto sax
Dmitry Lapshin – bass guitar, effects
P.O. Jørgens - drums

Recorded 10 February, 2017 by Mayvand Qasum at Red Eyes Studio, Moscow
Mixed by Pavel Jeremeev
Mastered by P.O. Jørgens
Graphic Design: Małgorzata Lipińska
Executive Producer: Maciej Karłowski