Broken Songs – simple songs with original words out now

Simple songs, simple but original words. Maybe little poems, sometimes very lyrical, sometimes broken, maybe dystopic, sad phrases written in the darkest time of the pandemic era? Name them as you want!
All in bluesy roots and played by extraordinary free music wizards such as M on guitar vocal and percussion, Steve Swell – trombone, Fred Lonberg Holm – cello, Ben Stapp – tuba, and Marco Colonna – reeds.
Someone named it a non-serious musical proposal. But please remember music is not only a sophisticated, complicated jigsaw performed by the greatest master with a serious expression. It can be also a way to get simple but not stupid pleasure! It can have the form of a song that we can sing and enjoy without any musicological background. Sometimes even a Wonder Woman needs a Hug and a free improvised music lover needs a break.