Adam Pultz Melbye

Double bass/electronics/composition
Born in Ribe, Denmark in 1981. Currently living in Berlin.

Adam is an active a solo artist as well as with numerous international projects. A fascination with resonance, acoustics and psychoacoustics has led to the development of new instrumental techniques and approaches to the double bass that causes the instrument to sing and vibrate in unexpected ways.
Recently, much of his time has gone into the development of performance ecosystems, based on the dialogue between acoustic instruments and digital technology, often using feedback as a mediator between these environments.

Adam has written acoustic and electroacoustic music for smaller and larger ensembles as well as theatre, sound installations, dance and film and has created and exhibited sculpture with the interdisciplinary installation project Every Vessel records and dramatises the history of its manufacture.
He has toured over most of Europe, US, Japan and Australia and appears on more than 40 albums.

Current groups are Ens Ekt, Griff and Flamingo and collaborations include Julia Reidy, Viola Yip, Evan Parker, Akemi Nagao, Axel Dörner, Pat Thomas and Jacob Anderskovin