Agusti Fernandez, Barry Guy and Peter Evans at Moscow DOM

This might  just be the most radical trio yet. Behind the piano we find Agusti Fernandez, who, today, is celebrating his 64th birthday. Next we have the great Barry Guy, playing the double bass. Last but certainly not least, the youngest of group, but equally talented, Peter Evans on the trumpet.

They’ve been playing together for some time and among those concerts was this, special one, that took place at the Moscow DOM club – a place that for creative musicians, liberated improvisers and radicals, regarding both those who play and those who listen, is a place of geart significance.

Thanks to Maxim Khalkin, who at that time, on November 6th 2017, was responsible for recording, and Kirill Polonsky, the producer of the event, today we can enjoy that concert in its entirety. As always, Ferran Conangla done great job mixing and mastering tha album. And today, as a birthday present for Agustin Fernandez and as a gift for all radicals around the world, the Listen Foundation has the honor of present the audience with the CD and files available at this address.